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Training at ElaGant Acres

At ElaGant Acres, we approach training with common sense, patience, and an understanding of the behavior of a dog/puppy. A thorough knowledge of dog/puppy behavior allows us to communicate with them in a way that they can understand, no matter the breed or discipline. We believe in allowing dog/puppy to learn at their own pace and treat all of them as individuals with their own needs. We don’t train with gimmicks or gadgets and look to create confident, safe, and willing companions out of your dog/puppy we work with. We also believe that in order to work effectively with their dog/puppy, the owner must also learn our techniques and practices. We want to bring dog/puppy and owner together in a solid partnership that will allow them to succeed in whatever they set their minds to.

Training at ElaGant Acres includes:

  • Therapy/service dog training.

  • Trained/worked with 2 times a day more if needed.

  • Individualized feeding programs

  • Proper exercise and play time

  • A weekly lesson for the owner

The cost of training is $300 per week

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