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ElaGant Acres

No, it's not spelled wrong! It's a name!

ElaGant Acres is named after Ella Gant, our grandmother. A painter, sculptor, and nurse, Ella was a woman of wit who decided to cleverly sign her artworks as "ElaGant". We thought elegant was a perfect way to describe the property with its little creek and grassy slopes, but also that naming the farm after our lost loved one would serve as a fitting memorial. And so ElaGant it was!


Many of Ella's paintings are hanging in our home today, reminding us of her stories and laughter.


ElaGant Acres is located 45 minutes from three major cities (Louisville, Lexington, and Frankfort) and sits on around 90 acres of rolling green hills. ElaGant Acres is 16 miles from the town of Owenton, bordered on one side by the Elk Creek and next door to the University of Kentucky Research Farm.

The farm has one 8 stall barn and another larger 10 stall barn, and uses an underground spring as its water supply. A small creek meanders its way through the center of the property, attracting a variety of wildlife and offering a truly gorgeous spot to ride through. 

We offer healthy puppies, a self serve dog wash, dog training, and dog boarding.

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